Monday, May 20, 2013

The Queen is Pleased Indeed!

Queen Alexandria is very pleased! She was thoroughly amused by all the submissions, and hopes the jesters will return to her court whenever they feel inclined.

But this is a contest after all, and a winner must be chosen! The winning poem was offered by...M. Blank!

Drifting through the family mob,
avoiding questions about my job.
My relations won't back down.
I hate telling them I'm a circus clown.

The queen laughed and was thoroughly amused, good jester! You are dubbed the Royal Jester of Queen Alexandria's Court in Highland of Irador!

The winner will be contacted shortly to receive their free copy of Lunula, as well as my hearty congratulations. And thank you to everyone who stopped by during the Spring Blog Carnival! The next event I have coming up will be the Blogger Book Fair, which I am proud to take part in during July. For the time being, this busy writer will be focusing on her last full-time semester of college! Keep an eye out for my guest blog appearances and book reviews.

Happy Summer to you all!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Booth Spotlight--Belle of the Ball

Does a gorgeous dress on the cover of a book catch your eye? I know it does for me! You really can't go wrong with a YA book decked out in frills, frocks, and sparkle, can you? Well, if those are your books, you should really check out The Paperback Princess's booth--Belle of the Ball. For every dazzling dress you identify from the cover of YA books, you are entered to win some great prizes, including an Amazon gift card.


Swag is awesome. So check out her booth here: 

And don't forget to enter my queen's challenge down below, or here at this link!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome to the Queen's Court!

Welcome, Jesters, to the Queen's Court Booth as part of The Spring Blog Carnival!

Queen Alexandria welcomes you to her grand court in the kingdom of Irador. Here in the Queen's Court, you have a chance to become the Royal Jester--wordsmith extraordinaire! Her majesty wishes to be amused, and in the form of a four line poem or riddle. Leave your four line poem or riddle in the comments below here, and enter to win a free e-version of Lunula! Queen Alexandria will choose the most clever, the most stunning, or the most stand-out of the poems to win the prize of Royal Jester and accompanying ebook. Make sure you leave an email address where you can be reached if you are the winner!

And don't forget to check out the other booths at the Spring Blog Carnival. There is something for everything, and so many giveaways!

So what are you waiting for? Amuse her!