Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Where the Heck Am I? An Update Post

If we were to personify my psyche as a soul who wears different glasses at certain points in her life, then we can assume that I've had my mom glasses on for a solid 6 months now. Recap.

I've used this before, haven't I? Don't care. I love it. 

Baby was more than a week overdue (HAHAHAHA I'm just laughing at that post where I was worried about her coming early), baby was super clingy, HOLY SHEEP I HAVE FOUR KIDS NOW, baby was cute and kind of distracting, three-year-old pooped on everything, HOLY SHEEP I HAVE FREAKING FOUR KIDS NOW HOW DID THIS HAPPEN, baby is perfect. I haven't slept in six months. I decided to homeschool all four of my children, because I'm insane.

So after all those months with my mom glasses firmly in place (and more or less rocking it. Come on, it is me after all), it became necessary to put the writing glasses back on.

And I can just imagine Alyssa Soul putting those writing glasses on, looking around, and going:

The freak?? When did we get a new laptop? Why are we covered in white vomit? How long have these library books been overdue? We still haven't finished that bleepin Kdrama book?

Yeah. We still hadn't entirely finished that Kdrama book. And although we didn't go to the Anglokian Conference in 2015, my comrade author and talented mother did go two weeks ago! So the sleepy writer had to wake from her child-induced coma, and back to work I went.

It was a stressful couple of weeks--lots of editing, writing, reading, more editing, and questioning of my entire existence for no discernible reason--but we did it. We had a book, and we had a pitch, and we were ready for whatever the conference threw at us.

And...well I'll leave you in suspense to hear exactly how that went down. :) I figured Eileen Sharp should give you the 411 on the specifics.

Suffice it to say that we have some leads, but nothing definite just yet. What I can share with you is the pitch that we emerged from the conference with. I think it's really good, and I'd love it if you shared with your circles of writers and editors to see if anyone else finds it interesting.

Remember my "little" obsession with Kdramas? Behold. The manifestation of the obsession: Kdrama.

Chase is a college student coming home from a semester abroad to find two surprises waiting for her: Her mom and her sister have an unhealthy obsession with Korean dramas, and they’ve arranged a blind date for her. She has no interest in dating, but he’s incredibly good looking, so it might be worth a chance. Ironically, the blind date goes well, and she has to admit her mom’s judgment isn’t that bad.

But romance isn’t something you can script, and although Chase likes the heart stopping Daniel Bak, she finds herself crossing paths with enigmatic Hyun Tae. A reserved bioengineering student, he is the only one who can help her when she discovers that  a professor is stealing research. Hyun Tae becomes her ally and her protector as she is targeted in an invisible war with dangerous players.

Not only that, but her perfect blind date has been hiding the fact that he is a famous pop star from Korea, with a rabid fan base that could shove her into a spotlight she can’t afford to be in.

Despite all her efforts to stay away from drama, it has found her, and it looks a lot like the Korean dramas her mom and her sister can’t stop watching.

What say you, friends? Sound interesting? Let me know in the comments, on my Facebook page, or via Twitter! Have you heard of Korean Dramas, and if so what do you think of making them into a literary genre? Discuss!

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