Sunday, September 23, 2012

Release Date

It's official! The release date for Lunula has been set. My very first novel will be available through Amazon for Kindle readers on October 8th, 2012. We don't have a cover just yet, but I anticipate that will be coming very soon. For now, all I can do is bounce in my seat with quiet enthusiasm while I wait for October 8th, and look forward to the official release of my book!

For those of you without Kindles, I can assure you that Lunula will be made more widely available in time. For now, and for the first release, my publisher, Malachite Quills Publishing, has signed a temporary agreement with Amazon in order to hopefully boost the sales.

In the meantime (because I know all of you are dying to read this awesome book, Kindle or not), Amazon has a way for you to download Kindle apps and even a way to read the book on your computer called Kindle Cloud. If you have a smartphone or iPad, you can download the Kindle feature that way, too. Here is the link:

So mark it on your calendars, folks! I'll be sure to give plenty of reminders as the day approaches, too. I'm obnoxious that way.

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