Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some Updates

Hello readers!

This week I have spent some time preparing for an exciting event I think you will all enjoy. I am taking place in a book fair, where I will be featuring several authors with interviews, giveaways, and some giveaways of my own. I will write more about that as we get close to the date in February. But be on the lookout for it!

Also, Lunula is now available for the Nook through Barnes and Noble. You can check that out here:

It will be available for several other ereaders in the next week or so, and I will keep you posted on that.

Finally, I am writing. Huzzah! I know, I know--expectation met. Well done, writer. However, I am in a bit of a groove, and the sequel to Lunula should be finished by this spring. I realized I left it at a bit of a cliff-hanger, so I feel compelled to finish it as soon as I can! I think you will all really like where Wynn and Gethin's story is going.

Where would you like to see Wynn and Gethin end up? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Much love to you, my faithful readers,

Alyssa Auch

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