Monday, February 24, 2014

Geeky Monday Morning With Freebies and Stuff

Hi there readers! It's been a while!

My apologies for the absence my writer and reader friends. I've had a slew of bad luck from my laptop going out (and still not fixed), to my back crapping out and preventing me from using a desktop. But hey, even bloggers need a little vacation, right?

It's still Monday, though.

That being said, I've got a lineup for you for this week! Some fun stuff planned!

First of all, starting tomorrow, it's giveaway week! That means I'm having a Goodreads giveaway, and I'll be giving away Inito, the sequel to Lunula for FREE for one week! Because this is America...the land of the free.

I also have a post about heroines coming up. I know that doesn't sound terribly interesting, but I'm lining it up for ya so we can have a nice long discussion about it. I realized after talking to a friend how difficult and dynamic heroines are, and since that is the perspective I always write from, I wanted to give my take on what I've learned about the elusive perfect female character.

So have a fantastic week, and thanks for stopping by!

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