Monday, October 14, 2013

Geeky Monday Moment 10/14

Another glorious Monday!

I know you can't sense sarcasm is writing, but it's there.

Today's Geeky Monday Moment is brought to you by a stressed author, blogger, mother, wife...person. That's me...I meant me. And it's brought to you with all the dread of facing another week as a student mom with a book coming out and a house falling apart at the seams.

And what do I find myself doing? Reading. Not even reading anything substantial (like my textbooks as I should be doing). No, no, it's mindless romance novels I have fallen into. I'm a serial romance novel reader. Like I get started and I read two thick ones in a day, ignoring everything. It's bad for my health. Probably.

So although I have a lot to do this week (Cover reveal, people!!), I'm feeling kind of...what's the word...?

I'll just let Winnie spell it out for you:

 This is my favorite Halloween movie of all time. Don't even bring up the cute Charlie Brown dude, because he falls short of the hilarity the Sanderson Sisters offer.

And today I agree with Winnie.

So how's your week going? Having a good one or a bad one?

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