Friday, February 8, 2013

Ansha Kotyk

Next up to the spotlight is author Ansha Kotyk, author of Gangsterland. This is a middle grade book that both teachers and young readers alike will enjoy. Ansha embraces the adventure of life, and that is reflected in the story she has created in her novel.

Here is a bit about Gangsterland:

Fourteen-year-old Jonathan Brooks would like nothing more than to relax for a few hours and read his comic book. But GANGSTERLAND is no ordinary comic book. When Jonathan actually disappears inside the book, he's dropped into a world of dueling gangsters, a flapper with a fantastic secret and a murder that binds them all. He must decide to become the hero or the final page may trap him inside forever.

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

I also had Ansha fill out my survey, and here is what she had to say:

1.) What books from your childhood sparked your imagination? 
Choose your own adventure books, Little House on the Prairie, and I actually read quite a bit of my dad's SF collection :)

2.) What gets your imagination going now? 
Reading Science Journals, and watching movies. NOVA is great too.

3.) When you get writers block, how do you get past it? 
I suppose I avoid writer's block by remembering to "feed the creative well" by watching movies, reading science and other things that get me thinking.  Taking a walk right before I sit down to write is also helpful to get my thoughts in order.

4.) What is your writing process like? Do you plan everything out before you write it? Just go with the flow? 
I'm definitely a planner. I need to outline, like creating a map, so I know where I'm headed.  I just don't know how I'm getting there until I sit down to write. It always surprises me what ends up on the page. This is my favorite part about writing.

5.) What is your favorite dessert? 


Ansha has an awesome website with all kinds of things for readers and writers alike. Check it out!

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