Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Call Me Ishmael" First Line Writing Contest

First of all, Happy Friday. Everyone loves Friday...even me, the stay-at-home mom who never really gets a day off from her job.

Moving on. I'm holding a contest!

Here are the rules:

Submissions begin on Monday, January 27th, and end Monday, February 3rd.

The first line of the story must be from a published work. It can be a novel, novella, or short story, but it must be officially published. This pertains to self-published and traditionally published works.

Please only submit first lines of your own work.

Please do not submit if there is graphic or vulgar language used. (It can be violent or what have you--just keep it PG-13). 

If your first line is only one word, like someone's name in dialogue or something, I *may* allow you to use your discretion and add the one right after it. If I think you're fudging, I will contact you and put your submission on hold until I use my very official rule book to figure it out.

To enter, comment below with 
Book Title:
First Line:

Sounds like fun, right? I wish I could offer you a super cool monetary prize, but money doesn't grow on published books, people. But you'll get a fancy ribbon and bragging rights, which is almost as good, right?

So good luck, and please spread the word about it! I can't wait to read some of your book first lines. I think the first line of a book can have real impact, so it's something I know we all think about!

Show me your skillz, friends!



  1. Name: K. D. McAdams
    Book Title: Annihilation - Book 1 of The Seamus Chronicles
    First line: I am about to revolutionize the way the world generates and even thinks about power.

  2. Name: Dyane Forde
    Book Title: The Purple Morrow-Book 1 of the Rise of the Papilion Trilogy
    First Line: She stole into his mind with the sweetness of a lover’s
    kiss; she radiated light and fire.

  3. Name: Robbie Taylor
    Book Title: Hope
    First Line: "I once said that the only thing I'd do in case of a nuclear war was look for a better place to live; now, I think I'd want a good car, too."

  4. Name: Fritz Freiheit
    Book Title: Dispensing Justice (Nova Genesis World #1)
    First Line: It is a well-established fact that an individual in possession of a secret subterranean laboratory is either a superhero or a supervillain.

  5. Name: Stewart Kirby
    Book Title: THE MESMERIZER
    First line: Would you be disturbed to learn that the pages you now read were penned by the moldering hand of a buried man from within his own grave?

  6. Name: Cynthia B Ainsworthe
    Book Title: FRONT ROW CENTER
    First line: “How many major cities in the U.S. does your Farewell Tour cover, Larry?”

  7. Name: Maggie Penhale
    Book Title: I Want To Hold Your Hand
    First Line: It's the white police uniform shirt tied like a halter top that first attracts him to her.