Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Editing Mode vs. Writing Mode?

Hey there writer folks!

Sometimes I find myself in this conundrum, and I found myself curious to see if you would relate. I'm currently in the middle of writing a Historical Romance that I am completely loving. I think you'll find it has a really unique premise. Anyway, so I'm writing this, but on the side I have...


My writing partner and I, Eileen Sharp, have finished our book Plane Walker, and she has been dutifully going through it for an edit. And here is where my quandry comes into play. I have this tick where I can't edit when I'm in writing mode, and I can't write when I'm in editing mode. It's like this switch in my brain, and I can flip on one or the other, but I can't do both, and I cant' flip flop easily, either.

Anyone else find this is the case for them?

It's almost like putting myself into critical editor mode stops the creative flow. I can't concentrate on making the words stream out the way they need to. Similarly, when I'm editing in writing mode, I can't seem to catch anything. I just want to read and enjoy the prose.

What's a writer to do??

If you have this problem, tell me what you do about it. My writing partner (AKA mom) is very understanding of this, and is cool with me writing instead of editing, but I wish I could just do either, dang it! Give me your thoughts.

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