Monday, November 3, 2014

Geeky Monday Moment 11/03/4

Well speaking of me being a mom and focusing on my family, I found this totally adorable fan art about Disney princesses. I know, I know, I post way too many Disney princess things. Feel free to avert your eyes from the sparkly Disney-ness.

So here's your Geeky Monday Moment:

What do you think? Pretty adorable right? I like how all the couples have one cute little baby, but Shang knocked up Mulan right away. Such a stud.

Also, there's a good reason my posts are short right now. NaNoWriMo! My mom and I are participating! Even though we're not writing a *whole* novel in a month, we're endeavoring to write the *rest* of our novel this month. I'll post word count updates once a week! And I'll be checking up with my fellow authors to see how you all are doing, so I hope you're writing too!

It just occurred to me that author blogs are awfully boring. It's not like we craft and share our crafting. We just sit here and write.

I'll try to be entertaining.