Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Big News--Pitch Conference in September!

My writing partner has decided to take the plunge. We feel very confident about our latest book (which is still in development, but we are almost done, thankfully), and we wanted to give it the very best chance we could. Since this is my mother's lifelong dream (and mine too...its just...her life has been 21 years longer than mine...), she has decided to take our pitch and manuscript to the New York Pitch Conference in September.

This is an expensive endeavor, and definitely a financial risk to undertake. But we wouldn't do it if we didn't think that pitching this book in person to a round of agents would result in something fruitful. We've done some research, and after hearing story after story of successful writer get rejected in letter form, and accepted in person, we felt this was a good step for our book. We haven't pitched it to anyone yet. No queries sent. And we'd like to keep it that way by spending two days refining the pitch through the workshops, and then presenting it in person to some of the top agents at the conference.

Unfortunately I can't go! I've got 3 kids, and traveling to New York while 9 months pregnant is, obviously, not really doable. So it will just be Eileen Sharp representing the dynamic writing duo. We're both nervous, and working feverishly on our manuscript to a.) finish it and b.) polish the beginning.

But here's the really, truly exciting part about this post. You ready?

I'm going to reveal the first hint about what this book centers around, why we think its such a unique idea, and who might be interested in reading it. I'm going to give you the title. If you know what it is, then super high five to you! If not, Google it. I think you will find it rather intriguing. This is the first in a working series of three, and is called......................................


Look it up and see if you can discover the angle we have taken with this novel.

Also, I will keep you updated on all things pitch conference as things progress. For now, we sent them our initial pitch and were accepted into the conference, so that's an encouraging start. I know these pitch conferences are a little controversial in the writing spheres, so feel free to give your opinion, but also know that we're still doing it. ;)

It should be an exciting adventure! And if it doesn't work out, then guess who will tell you all about it in detail? Isn't it fun to have a writer friend willing to take crazy risks? You can learn about it from us before you try it yourself!

Have a great week, my friends, and remember to leave your blog address when you comment so I can visit you in return! Happy writing!

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