Friday, August 7, 2015

Fall Themed Newborn Checklist

Alright, so putting my mom glasses on here, I had to share this for any other pregnant women out there who might be due in the Fall.

Let me preface this by saying I love binders. Ardently.

I have a binder for our family planning, one for homeschool, and one for each month of the school year with a break down of that month's curriculum, supply list, schedule, and calendar. I have one for bills, and one for church, and if I could find an excuse for another one, I would.

Oh, wait, I did.

Our fourth child is coming in October, and part of my nesting instincts manifested in the desire for a binder. So I thought to print out some checklists, gather hospital and insurance documents, and generally make a little booklet for my Auchling. But guess what? They don't make cute newborn checklists! I'm not kidding you guys, I couldn't find anything online even to purchase.

So naturally I made my own. And when I was done I thought, "Well heck this is cute!" And then I figured I might as well share it with you.

So here you go! Autumn-themed newborn checklists in both pdf and Word form so you can add your own text or print them off and hand-write your desired items. They're totally free, and please share with your friends and due date clubs if you think they might want to use them!


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