Friday, August 7, 2015

Revamping the Blog

Netizens! It has been a very long time since I monologued to the general internet airspace, but I felt it was time to return. If you have visited my blog before, you will notice that this is no longer just a writing blog! Not that I will stop blogging about my writing stuff, because that would be impossible. I assure you, I am still a writer! However, because I have so much going on in my life, and so many things I have wanted to share on this blog, I thought a change of theme would help me blog more often.

See, when I would take the time to make cute graphics and printables for kids, I had the urge to share it, but it wasn't appropriate for just a writing blog. And when a life event happened, I still felt odd sharing it here because this was my "professional author page" if you will, and it didn't fit.

But I'm more than just an author. In fact, I am so many other things for the majority of my life, it just seemed silly to wrack my brain trying to come up with only writing-related topics when there was so much entertainment going on everywhere else.

Seriously, I'm a fascinating person.

So with that explanation given, allow me to introduce the new Auchward Blog! It is no longer the space of the nerdy writing glasses. It is the place of mom glasses, homeschooling glasses, kdrama watching glasses, writing glasses, and general ME glasses. I wear a lot of glasses (not hats. Glasses are nerdier, and therefore more accurate) and I would love to share them all with you.

Stay tuned for some great stuff!

P.S. I'm pregnant. Again. Yes, people, this is baby number four on the way. Heaven help me.

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