Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blogger Book Fair July 2013!

So in case you were wondering what this book fair is all about, here's the Blogger Book Fair explained: Just think back to elementary school when you would walk into your classroom, and your teacher would announce that glorious statement to tingle the senses of book worm spawn everywhere:

"After lunch, we will be skipping our math lesson to visit the book fair!"

And your little nerd brain just starts to explode with joy!! Because then you would get to go with your classmates and that envelope of money your mom sent with you, and you can spend a whole hour just looking at books. 

And each table would be something different. Most of them were books, of course, but some of the tables had games, toys, and sometimes candy. And every once in a blue moon, if you were really lucky, an author of one of those books would be there to sign books and answer questions.

Okay, so get that hyped up feeling from your childhood and just magnify it. Why? Because you get to do THAT wherever you are, on your computer! All next week!! In your PJ's, at work (ignoring that report you need to file), on your lunch break, after dinner, hiding in the bathroom because your kids are screaming...wherever. The books and authors are all right here from the 22nd to the 26th so you can take a good look.

At this book fair, not only can you peruse hundreds of books from every genre, linked to their buying pages, but you can meet the authors, read interviews, and play games. Many of the blogs (think of the blogs as book fair tables) will have events going on. Some of the blogs are giving away gift cards and books, and others are playing fun games that you can also win prizes at.

Here at MY table, we're going to be visiting with villains. There are seven authors who have graciously accepted my request to interview their book's villains so you can get a glimpse into what their books are all about. Fun, right?? So here's the schedule for villain interviews:

Monday: Eileen Sharp and Patricia Lynne
Tuesday: Maren Dille
Wednesday: Tara Fairfield
Thursday: A.K. Taylor and Millie Burns
Friday: Allison Blanchard

Feel free to look them up ahead of time to see if any of them particularly interest you, but I can tell you that they are all phenomenal writers with super fun books.

And OH YEAH, as if this wasn't cool enough, I'm giving away two of my books as well. It's really easy to enter the drawing to win, and you'll see the rafflecopter widget on the right side, there. 

Are you excited yet? You totally should be!! The Blogger Book Fair picture, also on the right over there ------->
will take you to the main page where all the other blogs and books are located. So set aside some YOU time and find some good reads this week!  

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