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Villain Interview with Zelera--Author Millie Burns

So, I managed to get Zelera to agree to this interview, but if it’s okay, I thought I’d stick around, just in case I have to remind her to be polite.  And, to not zap you with a thread of Darkness, or send any freak storms your way, or steal your dragon’s egg (if you have any of those laying around), or any number of other horrible ideas she’s sure to concoct.  I’ll try to sit off to the side and keep quiet, with any luck you won’t even know I’m here.  So fire away with your questions.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What motivates you?   
 Who are you to ask me anything about myself?  I am Zelera, Empress of Aigerach, eldest daughter of King Alric and the rightful ruler.  You are nothing but a common… (Millie gasps and clasps a hand over Zelera’s mouth) mmmm Folks, could you just give us a moment, I guess I still need to clarify a few things with Zelera.  (Cue elevator music…….) Ahem, I’ve promised to play nice and answer your petty little questions.  You want to know what motivates me?  Anger motivates me.  Revenge motivates me.  Hatred motivates me.  These things have given me the ability to become so much more than I ever was, more than anyone else could even dream to be.  My darling little sister can keep the power of the Light, I find the Darkness so much more appealing and ever so potent!  

Who are your heroes?   
Myself of course.  I hold the power over life and death in any one of my little fingers.  I can change the world, warp it any way I see fit.  You should see some of my gruesome creations, they’re diabolical!  If you’d like, I can send a little thread of Darkness, wrap it tight about you, and we’ll see what kind of monster you’d make. (Millie shakes her head No--vigorously).  Oh, I see, that troublesome author said it’s a No-Go.  Something about liabilities and lawsuits…she’d better watch her back or one day…

What is your favorite food?   
 Ugh, I eat because the Darkness steals so much energy from my body and it must be replenished, but nothing tastes good to me anymore.  I’ve killed so many cooks for their substandard fare...only to realize that manipulating the Darkness fouled my sense of taste.  Oh well, no use crying over spilled blood.  

How old are you? 
I think that’s a rather nosy question and I refuse to answer it.  Why, how old do you think I look? 
What is your greatest strength?  
My patience.  I had to wait years to put my plan into action, to take over the throne.  I had to learn how to use the Darkness without a soul finding out.  It is against the law to practice the Dark Arts, punishable by death.  All those years I had to sit and watch my sister and her charming husband rule my land, and pretend to be content and happy.  Oh, just thinking about her pretty little face and her darling little family…it makes me want to retch.  Like a spider I spun my web, then sat and waited for the little fly to get stuck so I could devour her.  If I’d rushed my plan, she’d still be sitting on the throne and I’d be dead.

Do you have a weakness?   
Oh, you’d love for me to tell you my weakness, wouldn’t you?  You rush off and tell that little brat Ravyn so she can be a hero and save the day?  Well, it doesn’t matter, because I have none.  The Darkness is my ally, and through it I will own the world.  Everyone will bow before me, Zelera, the Empress of Aigerach.  In fact, I can see you aren’t bowing…shouldn’t you be kissing the dirt at my feet?  Grovel before me, or I’ll…Zelera, do you need to go back to Aigerach now?  This is the kind of thing I warned you about (Millie’s finger hovers over the delete key on her laptop).  (Zelera sneers at Millie)  Right, so no bowing…today.  But soon, the Darkness will sweep across your land as well, and you Mrs. Burns and the rest of you fine folks will find yourselves kissing my hems and begging for mercy.

Star Wars or Star Trek? 
 I have no time for treks, be they in the stars or anywhere else for that matter.  But War…ah yes, there’s always time for war!  Nothing fuels the Darkness so well as the agony and fear, the hate and anger, those powerful base emotions.  Now, is that all?  I have a war of my own to prepare for.  That little brat of Lareina’s thinks she can take the crown from me.  I have a few little surprises in store for Ravyn.

You think that's crazy? You haven't seen diabolical until you've read all about her! 
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Ravyn’s parents are trapped in a magic mirror; her evil Aunt Zelera seized the crown, unleashing the Darkness to ravage the land of Aigerach. Now…the witch wants her dead.

What’s a girl green in the ways of magic going to do?
She’ll bring the Light back to Aigerach and return the crown to its rightful place on her father’s brow or she’ll die trying.
Anxious and alone, sixteen year-old Princess Ravyn sets out on a quest fraught with danger. Armed with nothing but her newfound ability to manipulate the Light, a travel pack of supplies, a snippet of courage and the clothes on her back she sets out to eradicate the Darkness.
A beacon of hope in a dreary world, she draws others to her like a moth to a flame. Connor, a Master of the Light, aims to steer Ravyn clear of the pitfalls of magic. Blade, her best friend from childhood helps her escape Zelera’s clutches. But has he stolen her heart? Ravyn meets many colorful characters along the way – dragons, and harpies, and unicorns. Oh my! Be they friend or foe?
Empress Zelera harries Ravyn’s every step, laying deadly obstacles and traps at every turn. Ravyn can stumble, she may even fall, but if she doesn’t get back up her world will never be the same again.
In this classic heroes journey magic is not always the cure for what ails you. Ravyn may be naïve, but this spirited girl never claimed to be perfect, besides she’s Aigerach’s only hope.

 About the Author

Millie Burns lives in Orangevale, CA with her husband and three lovely daughters. Along with a severe infatuation of the written word, Millie enjoys a multitude of other activities. You might find her out climbing a rock, hiking the backwoods, or clinging to the end of a rope being dragged behind a boat.

You can find her at

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