Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hint #2

So, I promised to give a hint every step closer I got to publishing Lunula's sequel...

WHICH by the way has a new name. Several of my trusted editor/reader supporters pointed out that Poltarion didn't accurately represent the content of my book. So here is the new name, which I believe is much more fitting:


I know it doesn't make any sense now, but trust me, it will!

So, with that said, I sent the manuscript to my publisher, and by their return note of "thanks, Alyssa," I have to assume they are or will be reading it fairly shortly, haha! I count that as a big step forward, and thus, your hint:

Just imagine that thing alive. Creepy.

I hope that piques your interest! Keep an eye out for more details about the release of Inito coming very shortly!!!

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