Monday, July 22, 2013

Villain Interview with Julian McNabb--Author Maren Dille

Julian McNabb

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What motivates you? 
I run the most successful haunted cemetery in Georgia. We ghosts take scaring humans very seriously. It’s a real moneymaker in Deadworld. I’m motivated by ambition, my need to succeed. That guy across the street, the one who died in the fifties? He’ll never get his cemetery’s ticket sales profitable like mine. He’s got a softspot for real losers.

Who are your heroes? 
I would’ve said Attila the Hun, that was until I met him. That man’s a real creeper. Now? Jesse James.

What is your favorite food? 
Oh, that I could eat. It’s one of the things I hate about being a ghost.

How old are you? 
 Come, ladies, it’s the 1920’s. A young man doesn’t disclose that kind of information.

What is your greatest strength? 
My intelligence—no, my handsomeness—no, my craftiness. Ah, I don’t know. A tie, perhaps, between how smart I am to use my good looks the way I do?

  Do you have a weakness?  
(loud laughter). Next question?
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Are those Jules Verne’s novels? 

 Quirky, but confident? Gotta read that book!

 It's 2012 in Deadworld, and the ghosts are hungry for a good human haunting. All Charlie Quinn wants to do is keep his cemetery in business and live a normal, honest ghost life. But Julian McNabb, the ruthless owner of the cemetery across the street, always seems to steal his business.

All of that changes when a teenage pop sensation dies and joins Charlie's cemetery, and Charlie discovers that Julian's success has come by some costly means. It's up to Charlie's haunting company and their new employee to keep their business afloat, and stop Julian from taking any more lives.

About the Author

Maren lives in Spanish, Fork, UT with her family where she works as a mom, piano teacher, and writer. She is passionate about animals, sugar, and her husband. She spends her spare time chasing her two dogs around with her daughter in tow, dreaming up new ways for her husband to use his tools, and writing musical scores to books that will most likely remain in her imagination.

You can read more about Maren Dille and her books at her website, 


  1. HAHA! Love this villain!!

  2. Nice to see the other side of the story! ~Cindi