Monday, May 12, 2014

Geeky Monday Moment With Frozen

Good Monday to you!

So here's the deal. I'm sure you have all heard me mention it more than once, but I have kids. Three of them. Their ages are 4, 3, and 1, and so it probably comes as no surprise to you that we've watched Frozen in our home.

A lot.

But it might be a surprise that like 60% of the time I'M the one who chooses the movie. This is because I totally geek out over this movie! I love it. I mean, I love all things Disney princess (don't give me those judgey eyes), but Frozen has awesome songs AND a fun plot. It's a winner.

So in honor of that little geek thing of mine, Frozen is hosting our Geeky Monday Moment. Specifically, it's a picture of white might have happened after the movie. And I live for stuff like this. I guess it falls under the realm of fan fiction, even though I haven't actually ever read a fan fiction (if you have any fan fics to suggest, please do! My trepidation in reading fan fics stems from my obnoxious inability to read anything that isn't professional and very well-written). Little fan fiction pictures like this just make my day though.

What stories in the Geekiverse do you like seeing "after stories" of? Any to suggest for me to look at?

For now, here's Frozen:

Adorable, right?? I'm a sucker for the romance of it all.

Have a very geeky week my friends!


  1. Who is the artist??

  2. I've seen Frozen so many times because my daughter loves it. Well, I do too. :) Those pictures are so sweet!

  3. I love watching animated movies but I've yet to see Frozen :(