Sunday, September 22, 2013

Christianity in Writing

My fellow author and mother wrote this on her blog, and I really appreciated it. As authors, I don't think we mention our faiths much unless we specifically write about it. But otherwise, at least for me, I try to keep a bland spiritual profile. I'm trying to attract readers, so I wouldn't want to turn anyone off or offend them.

But here's the truth: I'm Christian. Devotedly so, and I'm proud and happy about it. In this post, Eileen discusses the fact that she added a character who prays in her book. There's nothing about worshiping God, no preaching, and no pushing any ideals. But her character does pray in the book, and I'm really glad she didn't back down from the fact that that's who her character is. Because really, lots of girls pray, I think. We just don't always touch on it.

Read the post! It's a good one:

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  1. Such a good point. I am not a writer, but I do occasionally mention my faith on my blog (most of my reviews are of paranormal or fantasy type books, so I have a pretty eclectic set of readers). Christianity is part of who I am, so I don't want to hide it! I would love to read an otherwise non-Christian book with a character who prays!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction