Saturday, September 14, 2013

My tour and other fun stuff

So coming up this week (starting Monday) I've got a lot going on author-wise!

First of all, I have a fortune teller blog hop with several fellow authors. All of us have written special pieces just for this blog hop, and all of them include fortune telling in one way or another. So good news! I have a short Lunula piece that predates the first book, but foretells a teensy bit of the third.

Oh yeah, you read that right. There will be a third installment of the Irador series. HUZZAH! 

Also on Monday, September 23rd, I have a blog tour beginning! It will go for 2 weeks, and I will updated often about who will be featuring me and my book and where. I'm also giving away some freebies.Everybody likes free stuff right? In this case its a fabulous watercolor by Amy Sanchez and a free paperback of my book, Lunula. 

So you know, keep an eye out for fun updates and all that jazz.

I will repost these on Monday, but here is the full list of participants in our fortune teller blog hop:
Kayla Curry (Host)
Alyssa Auch
S. M. Boyce
N.R. Wick
Steve Vernon
A. F. Stewart
Linda Taylor
Tami Von Zalez
Quanie Miller
Ellen Harger
Deborah Nam-Krane
Erin Cawood
Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba
Wendy Ely
Laure Reminick
Jen McConnel

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