Sunday, September 29, 2013

Geeky Monday Moment--With an Announcement

Disclaimer: I'm geeky. The title of my blog says it, but I felt I should give you fair warning. Embrace the geeky side.

Okay, so after that disclaimer comes an explanation of our Geeky Monday Moment for you. It comes attached to a bit of an announcement: I will be self-publishing Inito!

Story time!

I remember walking into Barnes and Noble one day over a year ago and seeing an author with a table full of books ready to sign. At the time, I had just received my acceptance letter from Malachite Quills, and was full of excitement and a little nervousness about the process ahead.

So when she told me that although she was published with a small-press publisher, she wanted to self-publish her subsequent books, I was pretty sure she had hopped on the crazy train. WHY, I wondered, would anyone go through all the trouble and get lucky enough to land an interested publisher, only to give it up and go solo?

Well older Alyssa is a little bit wiser, so now I kind of get it. There are a lot of reasons, and I'd love to do a separate post about it later on, but suffice it to say its about control and cost benefit. I find myself now wondering: If I take a risk on myself and put something into my own work on my lonesome, will I get more out of it?

And that is the question to be answered! So I'll be blogging about not only why I decided to give the self-publish route a try, but what happens along the way! Because I have no idea how it's going to go!

In that vein, although it seems impossible, I give you this week's Geeky Monday Moment, brought to you by...

The Doctor

First of all, I like his face. Secondly, it's Doctor Who. You can't go wrong with a geeky Dr. Who moment. 
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  1. Love the whovian geek moment. Good luck on the self-publishing. If you need reviewers I would love to help out. Direct email is

  2. Best of luck with your publishing.

  3. Congrats for being brave. Good luck with the publishing.

    1. Thanks, Cora! Gotta put on my girl panties, right? We'll see how it goes! (I might end up in the fetal position muttering unintelligible phrases about Amazon expanded distribution, but I'll try to keep it together.)