Friday, September 27, 2013

What Happens After the Publisher Acceptance Letter

Hey there everyone!

I felt the need to spice up my blog so I added the spiciest ingredient of all: My face. I figured for this topic a vlog would be the easiest way to describe the experience. And the topic of my first ever blog video is what happens after one receives that acceptance letter from a publisher. I love talking about the process of becoming published, but I couldn't find much on what happens after! I was kind of a nervous wreck imagining what the process would be like when I got mine.

So I thought if I told my tale, it might enlighten you when you receive yours!

A few thoughts based on preliminary feedback of the video:

1.) I was told that I should elaborate on each of these steps (i.e. the fact that the publisher gave me an editor and what that was like, or how exactly I communicated with the illustrator), so I will happily add to that in future vlogs! To clarify, the publisher paid for all the editing and for the illustrator, so I didn't have to invest a single penny!

2.) I will also elaborate on author rights in the contract, since there's a few more things than I mentioned in the vlog that are worth noting.

3.) I plan to do other vlogs on the process leading up to getting published, too.



  1. On an unrelated note, I just realized you look like Tabitha Dumo.

  2. Alyssa, love your blog, and an excellent vlog indeed! Great idea elaborating on what happens after publication! I plan on adding your site to my blog role (: I went ahead and followed. Feel free to follow mine!!!

    1. Thanks Holly! I loved your blog as well, and happily added! Thanks for stopping by. :)